The Center

The Munich Regatta Center covers an area of approx. 1 square kilometer on which the accommodation building, the boat houses and a school youth hostel for children are located alongside the Olympic regatta course with its main stand.
Site Map

Regatta Basin
The Olympic regatta course is considered one of the fairest and best rowing regatta sites worldwide. The course is 2,230 meters long, 140 meters wide, and 3.5 meters deep. The high standards employed for the 1972 Olympic Games pay off until today.

The finish tower and three time-keeping towers are located at the south side of the basin. The start pontoon, the start tower, and the aligner hut are located at the start.

Of course, also the spectators enjoy the Munich Regatta Center: The generous grandstand (9,500 seats) is a stadium where you can cheer along the progress of the races approaching the finish line, and also each victory ceremony takes place immediately in front of the grandstand.

The main building hosts the administration, the kitchen and the restaurant, the lounge, showers and restrooms, as well as accommodation for up to 42 guests in double rooms. The rooms are equipped with large windows to create a light and friendly atmosphere close to the surrounding nature. The use of wood as central building material causes a comfortable and warm homely atmosphere. In large parts, the double rooms have ensuite bathrooms.

Wing B of the boat halls is divided into two double rooms, five four-bed rooms, and five six-bed rooms. Here, we can accommodate up to 54 guests. This area offers communal showers and toilets, there are no ensuite bathrooms available.

In 1987, the regatta building was partly converted into a school youth hostel. This hostel offers three single rooms, two four-bed rooms, one eight-bed room, and one ten-bed room. The building is located directly adjacent to the grandstand and has two floors. On the ground floor, you will find a large common room with table football and table tennis facilities.

Dining Room and Lounge
The light-flooded dining room in the main building offers space for 100 guests. If multiple parties use the site simultaneously, the dinner times will be adapted accordingly so each party has enough space.

The lounge is located next to the dining room. Here our guests can enjoy a comfy TV or board game evening or just have a nice chat with other guests.

Sports Hall and Weight Room
The main building also hosts a single sports hall and a weight room. They are purpose-fitted; well-suited for ballgames, circuit training, and dedicated strength training.

Lecture Rooms
The center offers two lecture rooms. The lecture room in the main building offers space for 30 attendees, the lecture room in wing A of the boat halls for approx. 50 attendees. Both lecture rooms are equipped with pin boards and screens as well as flip charts. Data projector available for rent.

Boat Halls
There are 38 boat halls located on the grounds, the majority is rented to the local clubs. For seminars and trainings camps, we have boat halls available.

The surrounding area offers scenic views and excursions, and the city center of Munich can be reached in less than 30 minutes via the A92 autobahn. We are open almost year-round. Please visit us and consider the diverse possibilities the center has to offer. The historic and sporty atmosphere is unique. An on-site visit will convince you.