Visitor Information

The Munich Olympic Regatta Center is primarily a sports complex for canoeists and rowers. But people who enjoy taking part in recreational activities from the surrounding area and active sportsmen and women from other fields also intensively use the center. Unfortunately, conflicts repeatedly arise as a result of this. Please find below some information about the various possible uses of the center. We would like to draw your attention to the most important rules of conduct here.

The clear and cool water does entice you to swim in the marked areas of the rowing regatta course, but you will also find a beautifully designed lake with shady areas and the necessary infrastructure right next to it. The swimming area of the regatta basin is located between the finish tower and the 500 meter marking. Bathing and swimming is forbidden in all other areas. Sunbathing on the pontoons is forbidden. A strict ban on bathing in all areas of the regatta course applies during events at the center.

Cycling, inline skating and running
The tarred road that is approx. 5 km long and surrounds the regatta basin particularly offers itself for inline skating and cycling. However, depending on the weather and which events are being held we will close the gates on both sides of the course at the level of the finish line meaning the regatta basin cannot be circled. Please note that trainers can also be cycling along the course. They then frequently focus their attentions on the water while doing so!

Munich Beach Resort
Since 2013 there has been an extensive sports and recreational complex between the regatta lake and the grandstand: the Munich Beach Resort. Here 3,500 m² of white sandy beach with 6 multi-functional beach courts for beach volleyball, beach soccer, beach tennis or beach handball await you. You can find relaxation in one of the numerous deckchairs. The most beautiful sunsets invite you to savour an enjoyable beer after work or a Caribbean cocktail at one of the beach bars.

Cycling paths and footh paths
Directly adjacent to the regatta site you can anticipate of lot of well developed cycling, cross country and foot paths. You can for instance savour the crowning conclusion of a really successful day by visiting one of the many beer gardens in Oberschleißheim that are rich in tradition, the restaurant of the castle of Dachau or at the Munich Beach Resort.

The parking fee at the car park behind the boat halls is € 4.00 (to be paid upon exiting the car park), and € 2.00 at the car park behind the grandstand (to be paid upon entering the car park).

Flugwerft (Historic airfield)
An additional highlight could be a visit to the historic airfield (an external branch of the Deutsches Museum Munich) in Oberschleißheim with all its unique exhibits of the history of aviation extending over more than 100 years. Or go on a stroll through the picturesque old town centre of Dachau. The Palace Oberschleißheim and the porcelain collection in Lustheim as well as the extensive and well-kept grounds of the palace park in French style are certainly well worth a visit.

The most important rules of conduct

  • All the visitors and users of the center must conduct themselves in such a way that neither the canoe and rowing training or compeitions are disrupted.
  • The area between the boat halls and the grandstand (inner area) is reserved for the clubs and course participants of the Munich Olympic Regatta Center.  For this reason we regularly close the gates of the tarred road especially during the peak season (May until September). Circling round the regatta basin on a bike or using inline skates is not possible and/or forbidden at these times!
  • Bathing and swimming is exclusively permitted in the marked area in front of the grandstand. It is extremely dangerous and life threatening to leave this area! A total ban on bathing and swimming applies at regattas or other events.
  • It is forbidden for people to drive along the bank roads in a motorized vehicle.
  • The pontoons are exclusively reserved for canoeing and rowing activities. Any other form of entering the pontoons is forbidden.

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