The facilities at the Munich Regatta Center were created for the Munich 1972 Summer Olympics and were the site of the competitions in rowing and canoeing. Since this time the popularity of the sports venue – not just on the part of oarsmen and women and canoeists from all around the world due to the ideal training and racing conditions (wind and water quality) – has been unfaltering. This is impressively underlined by the intensive use of the complex that extends over an area of 850,000 square meters.

The World Rowing Championships in 1981 and 2007, the Euro and World Masters in rowing, the World Rowing Cups, and numerous national championships for canoeists and oarsmen certainly rank among the post-Olympic highlights. But also numerous additional national and international events in the sporting, social, and commercial sector still underline the significance of this sporting center which does not have to shirk international comparison with its perfect infrastructure.

The Regatta Center has been a part of the German federal base for young sporting talents UIm/South (Bundesstützpunkt) since 2013. In addition the Bavarian Disability and Rehabilitation Sports Federation acknowledged the center as the paracanoeing state training centre.

Events, years

World Rowing Championships, 1981/2007

World Rowing Juniors Championship,1994

World Rowing Cup, 1997 – 2012

FISA World Masters Rowing, 1998

German Rowing Championships, 1973/1976/1977/1979/1981/1982/1985/1987/1989/1992/2007

German Canoeing Championships, 1973/1976/1980/1985/1989/1993/2000/2004/2008/2011

Int. German Rowing Championships, 1975/1977/1980/1984/1985/1989/1990/1995/1997/1998/1999

Euro Masters in Rowing, 1997/2001/2006/2010/2014

Canoe Masters, 1998/1999

Euro Games, 2004 [/table]


Total surface area,850.000 m²

built over area,30.173 m²

Length of the basin,2.230 m

width of the basin,140 m

water depth,3.50 m [/table]