Photographing & Filming Permits

You can apply for permits for photographing and filming in the Munich Olympic Park and its facilities (including the Munich Regatta Center) by contacting the events department of the Munich Olympic Park.

Your contacts are:

Marie Pelz
Tel. +49 89 30 67 – 23 26
Fax +49 89 30 67 355 23 26

Claudia Costa
Tel. +49 89 30 67 – 20 01
Fax +49 89 30 67 355 20 01

+++ Please observe the following +++

To apply for a photographing or filming permit, please schedule a lead time of at least 1 week.

All requests must be issued by e-mail whereby we will of course also be happy to advise you over the phone. Once you have sent your e-mail we will get back in touch with you within the next 2 working days.

We require the following information for the review of the options or the issuing of the photograping or filming permit:
<li>Location – where do you specifically want to carry out the shootings.</li>
<li>Purpose of use, where will the material specifically be used. Please ensure that it will be only be used for this stated purpose. It must not be used for any other purposes.</li>
<li>Number of persons participating during the recordings</li>
<li>Contact on site with a mobile number</li>
<li>Address of the company/person the permit should be issued to</li>
Short-term photographing or filming permits can only be issued in very particular special cases.