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Principles regarding the use of our website
You are authorised to use this website for the purpose of gaining information regarding the Olympic Park Munich. The “Service Area for Business Partners” is also available to business partners for the planning and conducting of events in the Olympic Park Munich.

As a user, you agree that you will

  • not transmit or distribute any information containing content of a damaging, obscene, offensive or otherwise illegal nature on or via this website;
  • not use this website in a manner which infringes upon or could infringe upon the proprietary rights of other persons;
  • not make unauthorised, false or fraudulent postings;
  • not use any software, processes or devices to interrupt or attempt to interrupt the electronic or manual operation or functionality of this website, including the uploading or provision of corrupt data or data infected with viruses, regardless of the means;
  • not take any actions which modify or interfere with this website or the code on which it is based;
  • not undertake any measures which impose an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on this website or its corresponding infrastructure;
  • not procure or attempt to procure unauthorised access to any of our networks, regardless of the means;
  • will use any e-card module which might be installed only with the consent of the recipient of the e-card; insofar as the OMG incurs damages due to the use of the e-card module by the user, the user will be obliged to exempt OMG from any exerted claims.

The website gives you the opportunity to access restricted areas of this site by employing user names, passwords, or other codes or tools (“access codes”). We consider the content of these restricted areas to be confidential and we provide them to you only for the purpose of carrying out a planned/booked event at our facilities. We reserve the right to prohibit the use by third parties of access codes registered under your name if we have reason to believe that this impairs the operation of our website, provides a business advantage for other parties or results in other consequences disadvantageous to us.

Rights of use
You are authorised to use and reproduce the documents we publish on the internet for your own non-commercial use within your company and/or for the preparation and carrying out of an event which is planned/booked at our facilities.
This right of use exists only insofar as all copyright notices and other legal notices pertaining to copyrights and commercial property rights are maintained during the making of copies.
To the extent that a disclosure to or viewing by third parties is required for the planning/carrying out of an event, you, as our customer, are responsible for ensuring that the third party also complies with these Terms of Use.

Rights of use are granted only insofar and to the extent that we ourselves are owners of the relevant right of use. We assume no liability for the ownership of the rights of use. We wish to expressly state that third party rights may exist, which could preclude the use of certain documents posted on our website. These third party rights remain unaffected by the Terms of Use.

All products and services described on our website may be subject to further copyrights and/or commercial proprietary rights. Apart from the right to produce copies for private use described in greater detail above, no further rights such as those relating to patent and trademark licences are granted within the scope of these Terms of Use.

Our company name, logo and mascots are protected by trademark; their use is permitted only with prior written agreement.

Copyrights and third-party commercial property rights
Without making any claim of completeness, reference is made to the following copyrights and third-party commercial property rights: The copyright of architects planning the Olympic facilities; the photographs and sketches of commissioned photographers/agencies; Microsoft; web designers

Exclusion of guarantee
The information on this website does not contain any warranties or guarantees of any kind, either express or implied. In particular, no warranties are made with regard to marketability or usability.

Exclusion of liability for links to third-party websites
To the extent that our website contains links to third-party websites, we shall assume no liability for the content of these websites. In particular, the presence of links does not in any way constitute an endorsement of this content. We dissociate ourselves from any illegal content contained on such websites.

Limitation of liability
We shall not be liable in any circumstances for direct or indirect damages resulting from the accessing of this website or the use of this website or the information contained herein. This limitation of liability shall not affect our liability for intent, damages to body, life and health, for knowingly false information, as well as our liability pursuant to the German Product Liability Act.

Indemnity again liability
You agree to exempt us from any third-party claims, damages and costs (including reasonable costs for legal proceedings) resulting from a breach of these Terms of Use by yourself. The same applies in the case of a breach of these Terms of Use by a third party to whom you have passed documents or to whom you have provided access to view our website.

Reservation of right to make amendments
We assume no liability for the accuracy of the information on the website. We wish to expressly state that inaccuracies or typographical errors cannot be excluded. We reserve the right to carry out, without prior notice, modifications and/or improvements to the website and the offers contained herein. Similarly, these Terms of Use may be modified at any time without prior notice; the current version is available on our website at any time.

Final provisions
These Terms of Use are subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. To the extent permissible, Munich has been agreed upon as court of jurisdiction.

Insofar as individual parts of these conditions should prove ineffective, the validity of the remaining clauses shall remain unaffected.

The present conditions conclusively regulate the legal relationship between the involved parties regarding the use of this website.